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Re-reading Self-Reliance

I've been re-reading Self-Reliance, and I'm finding some things I haven't noticed before, or haven't paid enough attention to. I'm reminded what it was about this essay that rang so true to me, but I'm also finding that some of it doesn't ring as true to me anymore. Some of it even seems rather simplistic and short-sighted.

I'm also reading his biography, Emerson: The Mind on Fire. Emerson's subversiveness was subtle but effective. I want to understand how he was able to walk that tightrope of staying true to himself while not alienating himself from his culture.

One cool thing about Emerson is how every sentence is so pregnant with meaning, so doused with wisdom that you can practically pick one quote at random and stick it on your refrigerator, or put it in your wallet, as a reminder of what really matters in life. I've decided to pick out some of those quotes that had meaning to me before and those that have meaning to me now, and discuss them in future journal entries.

To a 17 year old euneeblic, this essay was like throwing a steak to a hungry wolf. I feel like I've been sustaining my hunger on that steak for over a decade, and now I'm starting to wonder, is there anything to eat besides steak?

I especially love this analogy, since I'm a vegetarian. :)

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