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I'm just curious because I've seen so much about Emerson, if anyone knows about Henry David Thoreau who was greatly influenced by Emerson, and fulfilled many of Emerson's ideas, like actually going out to Walden Pond in Concord and living in a house he made for two years writing his famous book, Walden.
I adopted Transcendentalism about 3 months ago, and I think it's great to find a place where I can talk about it with other people who share the same beliefs. I have exerpts from Emerson's Self Reliance, but I've mostly been reading Thoreau, but from what everyone's been writing it seems like it's definitely something I need to look further into. :) Anyways, have a great day.
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I absolutely love Thoreau, but I prefer Emerson's writing style and his tint on the philosophy a bit more. I just re-read Walden this summer actually, and it was an enlightening experience as always. :)

Emerson's "Self-Reliance" was my first encounter with transcendentalism, actually. It's so self-affirming and powerful...I always read it when things are tough, and it never fails to make me feel better and keep me inspired. As a result of reading that essay (which is still my all-time favorite), I got into the rest of Emerson's essays and poetry, and from there I got into Thoreau, Whitman, etc. I still feel like I don't have a complete grasp on transcendentalism, but I'm coming closer to understanding more of it and I've been trying to follow it as I understand it.

As for modern authors, you might enjoy Mary Oliver's poetry, since she seems to have been influenced quite heavily by transcendentalism. (In some edition of a collection of Emerson's works, in fact, she writes the introduction).
I've just recently been drawn to it thanks to the most influential person in my life, and I've read some Thoreau, some Emerson, some Fuller, but somtimes find myself lost in the diction, the rhetoric of it all. The poetry, are there selected works, books with just their poetry. I imagine there would be, especially with Whitman, but sometimes as the mere teenager I am, I'm finding myself struggling with grasping the overall idea of their works. :) Thanks for the information with Mary Oliver..I'll have to look further into it.
Walden was actually only 7 miles from town and right next to RR tracks so that Thoreau achieved such harmony and peace in that was all the more astonishing.