Kristin (electrikool_aid) wrote in r_w_emerson,

Culture Jam

I'm not sure if any of you have heard of John Muir, or Upton Sinclair's The Jungle

I've found them to be close in relation to Thoreau and Emerson, especially John Muir. He's a fanatic and puts Thoreau and Emerson bluntly, pretty much calling us sloths.

If you're into the simplistic side of Transcendentalism, and aren't into consumerism and spending $500,000 for a stucco box with vaulted ceilings, or a $50,000 machine that takes up two lanes of traffic and you require a $500 cell phone/i pod/computer to talk to the person in the back seat because you can't hear them over the headrest tv's, I would read the book Culture Jam

It's possibly the greatest $13 you'll ever spend

Seriously, it's an amazing piece of work :)
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